“People who love to eat are always the best people.”– Julia Childs

Indulge all of your senses on Chocolate Milk Charters

Please bring your favorite alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. We will have available for your use; all drinkware, cooler, plenty of ice, bottled waters and a margarita / daiquiri blender.

Snacks and Meals
Pick up some great local takeout or bring your favorite snack or food to prepare on Chocolate Milk. Chocolate Milk Charters has on board all needed cooking utensils, serving dishes, plates, bowls, cutlery, and napkins.

Meal Options:  

1: Pick up some local Take Out 

So many options for you to choose from depending on where you are staying.  

Here is just a handful of recommendations close to our marina.   

2: Prepare your meal on Chocolate Milk

Feel free to make your meal or snack while onboard.  Create your own cheese platter or snack, or cook up a storm on our grill, two- burner stove and microwave.  If cooking up a storm, keep in mind the length of your trip…   

3: Waterfront dining

We will be happy to stop at a waterfront restaurant for “dining in” or for pre-ordered take out.  Here are a few Charleston waterfront restaurants we recommend: 

For dining in, please keep in mind the length of your cruise….

When not on Chocolate Milk Charters, where should we dine while in Charleston?

Charleston, South Carolina is known for its amazing local Award-Winning Chefs and restaurants.  When visiting Charleston, know that seafood is a must, oysters should start as many meals as possible and of course, joined by a few cocktails.  Or…. just grab some good ole BBQ.

Everywhere you look and everyone you meet will provide recommendations of where you should dine in Charleston.   Some (as we have found) are really good, many are crazy pricey and some we think are just all hype.  Since we consider ourselves the ultimate foodies, Charleston has been a blast for us to make our way through all the hidden gems, great chefs and good finds.  

So, with that in mind, we are throwing our hat in the ring and listing our favorite places where we regularly dine.  Note:  This is not our exhaustive list, but these are some real gems…… 

Here they are listed in no particular order other than location.   BTW, I’m sure most do “take out” too…. 

Downtown Charleston

  • Rappahannock Oyster Bar  A truly local feel.  Fantastic oysters and seafood dishes and in my opinion the best Shrimp and Grits in town!  Great outdoor dining too so bring the dog…  Also go Sunday afternoon or evening for their Oyster happy hour.  
  • Pearlz Oyster Bar When downtown, we love this super casual Oyster Bar.  
  • Halls Chophouse   High-end. Probably the best steakhouse in Charleston.  Note:  Halls Chop House Martinis are a must have….  Reservations need to be made way way in advance.  
  • High Cotton  High-end. Another fantastic steak house in Charleston with lots of other wonderful options for all.   Need to make reservations way in advance but if you go early without a reservation, you can usually get a table or seat in the lounge / bar.
  • Shiki & Tasu If you are in the mood for sushi, this is the place to go in Charleston. Make your reservations early….  
  • OKU   Another wonderful sushi restaurant with many other cooked options.  Casual, fun and very good.  Make your reservation early.  
  • Rodney Scott BBQ (of course!)   No reservations, cant argue with the general consensus.  Best BBQ in Charleston!
  • Anson Restaurant  Nice vibe, touristy, very very delicious, but pricey!  
  • 167 Raw Oyster Bar on Market Street.  Super tourist spot, very pricey, no reservations.  Depending on the time of day, suggest you go (on average) an hour before you want to eat. Put your name on the waiting list, then shop around Market Street.  They will text you when your table is ready….

Mount Pleasant

  • Nicos  Definitely on the pricey side but so worth it.  We absolutely love Nicos.  In our opinion best oysters and best selection of them in town.  Fantastic seafood dishes too especially their specials. Go Monday nights when their oysters are ½ off… 
  • Wood and Grain  No reservations taken, so go early.  Just a fun little place with a great variety of food.  

Johns Island (5 to 10 minutes from our marina)

Park Circle

West Ashley

Sullivan’s Island

  • Obstinate Daughter   Love this place!  Hard to get reservations but if you go early (and we mean early 4 / 4:30) you will have a fantastic meal that has a casual upscale feel.  
  • Home Team BBQ Great BBQ place to go after a day at the beach.  

Nexton / Summerville

  • Halls Chop House   This is the Summerville version of the downtown Halls Chop house.  Food is just as wonderful. Steaks are fantastic.  Much easier to get a reservation here than at their downtown location.  We love to sit in the bar / lounge area. Fun bar menu and just like their down town location, martinis are a must have!  
  • Bexley’s  What a find!  Great seafood dishes for folks that are willing to step outside the box.  Very creative and super nice chef.  Fun to sit at the bar to watch all the awesome dishes being prepared and to chat with the staff.s

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