Enjoy your Day or Sunset Cruise with Chocolate Milk Charters – Everything You Need to Know for Your Upcoming Journey

We are excited to have you and your friends join us on a remarkable day or sunset cruise  aboard Chocolate Milk, a luxury yacht charter in Charleston, SC that promises an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-time cruiser, we have all the amenities to ensure you have a fantastic and safe time on the water.

What to Bring on your Boat Rental in Charleston:

Before you hop on board Chocolate Milk, your yacht charter in Charleston, here’s a list of items you should consider bringing:


Bring your favorite beverages and/or alcoholic drinks. We supply all drinkware, ice, bottled water, sparkling water and even a margarita/daiquiri blender, ensuring your day or sunset cruise is refreshing.

Snacks and Meals:

To keep those energy levels up you have two options. You can either pick up some delectable local takeout or bring your favorite snacks and food to prepare on board Chocolate Milk. Don’t worry; your Chocolate Milk Charleston Yacht Charter is fully equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils, serving dishes, plates, bowls, cutlery, and napkins for your convenience. If you need some culinary inspiration, visit our “Food and Drink” website page for ideas.

Additional Items:

During warm weather, wear comfortable light clothing or a bathing suit. If it’s not summer, bring warm clothes but dress in layers. Please remember to wear comfortable rubber-soled shoes or feel free to go barefoot while on board – whatever makes you feel most at home on the water! For your comfort and protection, we have towels, sunscreen, and bug spray available on board.

What Time Should We Arrive for our Day or Sunset Cruise?

To ensure a smooth departure and ample time to get acquainted with Chocolate Milk Charters, we kindly ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled day or sunset cruise departure time. This will give us an opportunity to provide you with all the essential safety information, and it’ll give you a chance to settle in and make the most of your experience. Please avoid arriving too early, as we need time to prepare the yacht for your exciting trip.

Where is Chocolate Milk Charters Boat Rental Located?

We’re based at St. John’s Harbor Yacht Marina. Find us at 2408 Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455, a prime location for yacht charters in Charleston.


As you make your way towards John’s Island via Maybank Highway, your GPS might indicate that you’ve arrived at the Marina at the top of the Stono Bridge. Look down to your right and you will see our Marina. To get to your Chocolate Milk Yacht Charter, take your first right at the light, which will lead you down to the Marina. Once you reach the end, you’ll notice a small sign that says “Boat Rental parking.” Please Park either straight ahead of the sign or in the parking lot to your right. Our marina and slip are just a short walk to your left. Upon your arrival, please text or call Capt. Mike at 973-307-7979, so we can personally meet you at your car with a cart to escort you to our slip, C-11. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a parking pass to ensure a seamless experience.

For More Information:

We hope this blog post has fueled your excitement for the upcoming adventure with Chocolate Milk Yacht Rental. If you have any further questions or need more details for your day or sunset cruise, we encourage you to visit our FAQ page. You can also reach out to Capt. Mike directly by calling or texting him at 973-307-7979 or sending an email to [email protected]

Prepare yourself for an incredible day or sunset cruise, where relaxation, stunning views, and good company come together to create lifelong memories. We can’t wait to have you on board with us soon! Bon voyage!