Day and Sunset Cruise Boat Safety: Chocolate Milk Charters Navigating the Waters Responsibly

Boating on Chocolate Milk is an exhilarating and enjoyable experience that allows you to connect with friends and nature while exploring the vast Charleston waterways. Whether you’re out for a day or sunset cruise, enjoying the peacefulness of the open waters, boat safety should always be your top priority. Just like on the roads, following safety guidelines on the water ensures a smooth and accident-free voyage for everyone involved.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential boat safety tips we do at Chocolate Milk Charters to help you enjoy and relax responsibly and make the most of Boat Rental experience.

Life Jackets: Your Ultimate Lifesavers

Life jackets, or personal flotation devices (PFDs), are fundamental for safety. The USCG notes that 80% of boating fatalities result from drowning, and 84% of those victims weren’t wearing life jackets. At Chocolate Milk Charters, we prioritize your safety by ensuring easy access to well-fitted life jackets for every passenger.

Pre-Departure Checks: Ensuring Safe Sailing

Before embarking on any day or sunset cruise or boating trip, a comprehensive pre-departure check is essential. Our experienced Captain Mike inspects the engine, fuel levels, lights, communication devices, and all safety gear. Our rental boat also features a VHF marine radio, vital for emergencies.

Weather Awareness: Know Before You Go

Captain Mike consistently monitors the weather forecast before setting sail. Adverse weather can jeopardize safety, so we may reschedule if conditions aren’t ideal. Once on the water, he remains vigilant to any weather changes.

Captain Mike and your First Mate: Your Trusted Sober Skippers

Navigating a boat demands the utmost attention. Hence, Captain Mike and your first mate abstain from alcohol throughout the trip, ensuring everyone’s safety. 

While onboard Chocolate Milk Charters, please be aware of your alcohol consumption and drink plenty of water.  And while moving around Chocolate Milk,  please make sure you always have three points of contact (your two feet and at least one hand) with your rental boat. 

Follow Navigational Rules and Markers

Captain Mike is a Coast Guard certified Captain that adheres  to all navigational rules, understands the  buoy markers which are crucial for safe boating.  Charleston waterways have specific guidelines for speed limits, right of way, and no-wake zones. Captain Mike is familiar with these rules, and always pays attention to navigational markers and buoys that guide us through all of the Charleston Waterways.  

Inform Others of Your Plans

Before setting sail, inform a trusted friend or family member about your boating plans with Chocolate Milk Charters.  Let them know our starting location; St John’s Yacht Harbor Marina, your estimated time of departure and your return time.  This ensures that someone is aware of your whereabouts in case of an unexpected situation or emergency.  Note, cell phone signal is fully available throughout your entire Yacht Charter experience. 

Respect the Environment

Boating responsibly also means respecting the environment. Please avoid dumping any trash or waste overboard and be mindful of wildlife and sensitive ecosystems. Chocolate Milk keeps a safe distance from marine animals and avoids disturbing their natural habitats.


Choosing Chocolate Milk Charters for your boat rental in Charleston is an excellent way to experience the scenic beauty of our natural surroundings. We prioritize safety above all, ensuring every journey remains a pleasure. By taking necessary precautions, you can embark confidently, knowing we’re safeguarding the crew, our esteemed guests, and the marine environment.

From your friends at Chocolate Milk Charters, happy boating, and smooth sailing on your day or sunset cruise or yacht charter in Charleston!